Increased Operational Efficiency

  • Capability to bring up to 100% uptime, no matter the power source
  • Power quality enhancements
  • Enhanced harmonic mitigation and voltage & frequency stability
  • No operational disruption if the grid becomes unstable or is lost
  • Improved safety: reduced tanker travel & operator exposure

Significant Environmental & Cost Savings

  • Helps obtain ESG goals
  • Energy cost savings of up to 65%+ via reduced fuel consumption
  • CO2 emission reductions up to 65%+
  • Increased asset lifespan

System Features:

  • AMPS can go anywhere & work with any power source
  • Modular & mobile designed systems
  • Scalable up to 1.5MW per unit
  • Remote monitoring 24/7
    Renewable integration capable (solar or wind resources)
  • Up to 10 units can be daisy-chained together to form a 15 MW, 15 MWh system